Fleet Management Software

With the Olisa platform, you are choosing a modern and reliable product for fleet optimisation.

Our fleet management is efficient fleet software for modern fleet management and offers various modules for the IoT-based optimisation of your business operations. The readily accessible, up-to-date and complete information gives you a comprehensive overview of all the processes and thus provides you with the ideal forwarding software.

Asset tracking and delivery management

If required, we can also assist you with the management of your moveable goods or delivery processes. Fully automated asset tracking keeps costs low and optimises warehouse management, among other things. Would you also like to optimise delivery processes and performance? Use our navigation apps to improve your delivery management. Please do not hesitate to ask us about the options.

Olisa Solutions has extensive experience in developing customer-specific requirements for transport and logistics in professional freight transport. We work with regional Solution Partners who install the hardware at the end user’s premises and undertake First Line customer service.

Modular fleet management

The Olisa platform offers a wide range of telematics functions for the management of vehicles, route planning and warehouse management (LVS) at competitive prices. As a reseller, you can purchase an individual selection of modules as needed.

Our modules include various monitoring functions (e.g. vehicle location), remote functions, security features and the integration of processed data into other programmes.

Do you need additional solutions for customised requirements? We look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to develop additional modules that facilitate your customers’ workflow while at the same time improving our product.

Flottenmanagement Software

Of course, the Olisa platform meets all the requirements of the tax authorities. You can forward the data recorded in the electronic logbook regarding working hours, journey time and distance without any additional investment of time.

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Overview of modules Fleet Management Software

Trip management and logbook

Reliable for every vehicle type – simple for the entire fleet

Trip management gives every driver easy access to their trips, regardless of the vehicle they have used. They can always update the status of their trips via the app. Administrative staff have a transparent data logger in the form of the electronic logbook which, for example, facilitates the provision of proof to the tax authorities.

Fleet information in real time

This makes planning fun!

The web portal provides you with a clear overview of all the relevant fleet information in real time.

Dashboard details

Keep an eye on every vehicle

Zoom in on a vehicle on the map and obtain information about all the relevant vehicle details such as speed, activities or vehicle temperature, using clear graphics and diagrams.


Live communication and reaction

A change of plan, a delay, questions about the status of the cargo? With the Insight app, you communicate with drivers in real time. You can react quickly and keep your route planning constantly updated.

Temperature monitoring

Hot or cold – your goods are always at the right temperature

Equipped with an alarm function, temperature monitoring helps to get your goods to their destination at the right temperature.

Fuel information

Fuel card alone not enough

Link the fuel card information to the trip information from the electronic logbook. In doing so, you monitor employee fuel consumption and control driving behaviour.

Informative Driver profile

Speed merchant or snail?

Monitor driving behaviour easily and conveniently, create driver profiles and thus support your drivers in achieving safe and ecological vehicle use.

Driver activities

Who does what – when and where?

The on-board computer informs you about the activities of drivers at any time.

Maximal Fleet management

Manage the fleet with navigation software

Simply send the necessary instructions to the navigation software.

Data integration

Quality enhancement and cost reduction - all in one

Extend the information available from the Olisa platform by integrating it into your existing IT systems, such as the Transport Management System (TMS) and Payroll Accounting. This will give you a complete solution with all the important information in the right places and save significant administrative costs.

Alarm function

Driving for too long or arriving late?

Which situations do you want to be informed about? Distances driven, active hours or unauthorised use? Set the parameters individually and very simply via the alarm function.

Vehicle overview

Give your customer an overview

The shipping agent can obtain information about the vehicles being used on their behalf within the context of their order.


Remote activation of the immobiliser

This module allows the activation of the dynamic immobiliser and informs you in the event of unauthorised driver activity.

Individual solutions

Customisation - because your requirements matter to us

Although our modules fulfil the most important requirements, naturally it is possible that you may miss a particular feature. We are therefore happy to develop tailor-made modules that always put you one step ahead of the competition.

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Make our fleet management platform your product. Become a Solution Partner.

Become a reseller

Make our fleet management platform your product. Become a Solution Partner.

Flexible subscription without minimum costs

  • Billing by use
  • Without connection fee
  • Monthly cancelable