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Olisa, the innovativemodularscalable fleet software

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Innovative Functions

Hardware independent

Flexible, heterogeneous hardware support within the same fleet

Modern asset tracking

Fleet management and asset tracking with RFID and Bluetooth solutions

Visualisation of remote sensor data

Structured collection and visualisation of remote sensor data (e.g. cold chain management)

External connections

Integration connections with external systems such as TMS solutions

Last mile logistics

Simple last mile logistics solutions.

Flexible reporting functions

Create evaluations, reports and analyses.

Trip management logbook

Olisa trip management has already proved its worth for many large and small German companies.

Trip management enables every driver to access their trips with ease, regardless of which vehicle they have used for these trips.

All parties involved in the management of vehicle movements, both driver  and dministrative staff , can correct and supplement data concerning the purpose and status of a trip. This means the processes in trip management are always up to date and transparent for auditing purposes.

Workflow support is available for larger companies, for example with subsidiaries. This enables checks that can be carried out by different people in the organisation if desired.

Olisa Insight

The Olisa Insight app allows you to communicate quickly and easily in real time.

The most important thing for good planning is that the planning data is up to date. This is exactly what our app is for, among other things. Communicate live with your drivers. Obtain direct feedback on the current situation of your vehicles and their loads and respond directly to possible changes. As a result, the data with which you work within the Olisa fleet management platform is always up to date.

Visualised planning board

Our planning solution supports the planner visually and increases efficiency. It enables:

    • Planners und drivers   to communicate in a structured manner.
    • The planner to change live schedules and communicate with the drivers.
    • The driver to provide real-time feedback on the implementation of tasks through on-site data acquisition (screenshots).
    • A complete overview of the planning and implementation of the entire fleet.
    • Planning of journey times, taking into account the latest traffic information, and manual adjustment in an instant.
    • Detailed status management at all levels of the planning process.

Remote-controlled tachometer management

Greater efficiency thanks to remote-controlled readout.

The central position of the company card also facilitates the digital registration process for security reasons. Tachometer management is based on the “Management by Exception”  principle in which manual intervention is only required in the event of irregularities. The remote tachometer download is supported, for example, by Teltonika hardware (FMB630/640).

Olisa is compatibleexpandable with all hardware providers ...


20 reasons for our partner programme

The key benefits of being a reseller with Olisa Solutions:

100% Compatible

The Olisa platform is 100% hardware independent as a result of the use of plugins.

Time savings

All modules are integrated in the Olisa platform. This means quick switching within the configurations and flexible combination of these modules.

Software as a Service

Hosting in a private cloud – environment (= SaaS – Software as a Service)

Data security

The private cloud offers comprehensive data security based on industry standards such as SSL.


Use your own logo to make the Olisa platform your own product.

Easy integration

Integration into existing ERP and/or TMS systems at the customer’s site.

Ten-year data availability

Ten-year customer data availability, e.g. for analysis purposes (Big Data) and fleet management.

CAN bus data

Integration with FMS (CAN bus data) from vehicles

Monitoring of electric vehicles

System development for the monitoring of electric vehicles is in preparation.


Thanks to our own software development, new functions (planning board, digital tachograph, etc.) are always available.

Rapid amortisation

Competitive prices for resellers and end users (implementation of short amortisation periods)

Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription based on active vehicles, in other words, only those vehicles for which data is also collected. Can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Flexible subscriptions

Flexible subscriptions, based on the functions acquired (modules).

No minimum costs

No connection fee per vehicle and no minimum contract term.

Use existing hardware

Olisa Solutions supports your customers’ existing hardware with software.

Flexible hardware expansion

Flexible exchange and/or addition of (new) modules within the modular Olisa platform.

Private Label

Your own brand name and your corporate identity (Look & Feel) become part of the Olisa software.

Time savings

Time savings
Quick installation in customers’ vehicles. Customers can now follow their business processes holistically in the Olisa platform.


Many tasks (e.g. adding new vehicles, adding new drivers) can be performed very easily using assistants and imports.

Partner prices

Support through our partner programme with special partner prices for expansions on the Olisa platform.